[China Glaze] Let’s Shell-ebrate (over Snow Way)

Here comes holiday glitter in the summer, haha! But I like the sparkles Let’s Shell-ebrate contains, golden and pink glitter in various shapes and sizes.

Lets Shell-ebrate_zpsqsfgbky2

I layered one coat over Snow Way (two coats) of the same collection, assuming that Let’s Shell-ebrate would go well with Snow Way’s subtle pink iridescent shimmer.

lets shell-ebrate snow way1_zpspftsa26p

lets shell-ebrate snow way2_zpsd9a1nxxt

lets shell-ebrate snow way3_zpsnwg0vpra

lets shell-ebrate snow way4_zps0vaohjmg

lets shell-ebrate snow way5_zpsdjizcfh8

lets shell-ebrate snow way6_zpsflntql6w

Close-up picture.

lets shell-ebrate snow way m_zpsyv0rfo9f

[China Glaze] Good Tide-ings

Bright periwinkle blue. I also notice a hint of lilac in this, at least under artificial light.

good tide-ings_zpsbyjnqush

Two coats shown below.

good tide-ings1_zpsmid4ynna

good tide-ings2_zps3mjaavm2

Natural light, under which Good Tide-ings might appear a bit dull but don’t get deceived, this is definitely on the brighter side.

good tide-ings3_zpsnpf08hen

good tide-ings4_zps4in3pe61

Not long after Fantasy Filmfest Nights (they are touring this weekend again, in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Nuremberg) I was at Savoy cinema again because they were screening the cult Battle Royale (2000). And of course there they were again, some of my Fantasy Filmfest fellows, like a study group. 😉 I also reserved tickets for Tuesday next week, to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2.0 with my daughter, although I’m not into Marvel superheroes and ignored the first part, but I adore raccoons and everything “bear” 🐻 , and there is Rocket raccoon in it.

good tide-ings6_zpsdhgd6iyc

[China Glaze] Joy To The Waves

I just realised that it has been six days since my last post; I am back in Hamburg now, having really enjoyed the break in Lower Saxony. Yesterday I picked up the latest Chanel and Dior nail varnishes, and Spring Bud from Asia-exclusive Diorsnow was delivered today. I am currently wearing Washed Denim by Chanel … so the will be a few shades to show. 🙂

For now I present Joy To The Waves (before spring will be finally kicking in). Blue with fine green and golden shimmer; to me, it looks more summer than Christmas.

Joy To The Waves_zpsrj8nhb9n

Two coats applied.

joy to the waves2_zpsvx4dnor5

joy to the waves3_zpsnvintupw

Artificial light (in my mother’s kitchen, haha). I note that it’s not really different from the daylight view.

joy to the waves4_zpsj2jj9b7a

Close-up picture.

joy to the waves m_zpsdwh6cbid

[China Glaze] Tis The Sea-Sun

Pulling bright colours! Spring is here – we are expecting 16 degrees celsius tomorrow, so wow 😎 – and although Tis The Sea-Sun had initially been released for Christmas, it’s definitely a shade for warmer days too. The colour is coral with a hint of orange.

Tis The Sea-Sun_zpsoa62wnuz

Two coats applied.

tis the sea-sun1_zpsx8e1wodj

tis the sea-sun2_zpswdqlampd

tis the sea-sun3_zpsegpq2hjb

Artificial light.

tis the sea-sun4_zpsu67lx4sn

tis the sea-sun5_zpsqzuqjqvr

tis the sea-sun6_zpsvxfp9tok

[China Glaze] Snow Way!

Snow Way. Like the name and the colour too. It’s basically white with a hint of grey and the shimmer shifts between copper and pink.

snow way_zpsth1zpi9x

Two coats applied. I wonder how Snow Way might look in bright sunlight – thus something to try for the summer? 😎

snow way1_zpsw4qnir83

snow way2_zpsdz1zpxoo

snow way3_zpsykbgf9k9

snow way4_zpsgiygbeak

snow way5_zpstkbksmdo

Close-up picture.

snow way m_zpskkplpmas