[Chanel] Purple Ray (#709)

Although I’ve worn Purple Ray a couple of times so far, I could not manage to take proper photos during daylight. So I’ll be showing you the ones taken under artificial lighting, but bringing out the colour, which is a muted lilac and purple.

purple ray709

Application was two coats.

purpleray709 0

purpleray709 1

purpleray709 2

purpleray709 3

purpleray709 4

Yes, this was actually taken outside but I had to flee from a far too cloudy sky.

purpleray709 5

[Chanel] Open Air (#705)

Open Air – loving this periwinkle blue with a hint of lilac. It’s pretty and exceptional in my stash.

open air705

I am currently in Lower Saxony for a long weekend, enjoying our garden – I already baked a rhubarb cake and cooked rhubarb jam today because we have tons of it. Moreover, it’s pretty warm outside and the forecast says something about rising temperatures, so we expect 30 degrees celsius on Sunday. 😎 I’ e also had my first outdoor swim for ages (i. e. since last year :mrgreen: ) today!

Ok so here is Open Air, photos taken in our backyard . Two coats applied.

openair705 0

openair705 1

openair705 2

openair705 3

openair705 4

[Essence] Holo Me Crazy

The bottle photo was taken when my mother was still among us, it’s the balcony of her former room at the nursing home. We had just come back from town and bought Holo Me Crazy. Silver purple with holographic glitter.

holo me crazy

Two coats shown below. The surface dries a bit gritty, so I applied to layers of top coat.

holo me crazy0

holo me crazy1

It’s probably hard to recognise but I took the following photos outside and after my swimming routine, so it’s Alsterschwimmhalle background.

holo me crazy2

holo me crazy3

holo me crazy4

holo me crazy5

Close-up photo.

holo me crazy m

[Dior] Lunar (#407)

I’m wearing Lunar at present – still, because I applied it on Tuesday, then got a heavy cold, and probably I’ll change my nail colour tomorrow. But you may believe me, it is still looking immaculate, without the slightest hint of tipwear. 😯 Amazing; I haven’t had this with a nail varnish for … like ages?!

Lunar is a silver and grey shade, and I also spot a very small proportion of lilac in this. The metallic finish is perfect for this colour.


I am showing you two coats under artificial lighting.

lunar407 1

lunar407 2

lunar407 3

lunar407 4

Tried to take some photos during daytime, but without the sun shining, Lunar won’t sparkle.

lunar407 5

lunar407 6

Close-up photos.

lunar407 m lunar407 m2

Honestly, I don’t know whether Lunar (or the sister colour, Solar) is available in boutiques or shops; I purchased mine via the Dior website and think at least online it’s available worldwide.

Dancing with Nureyev

Another set of photos which I took during the summer, in August, when I spent a couple of weeks at my mother’s. Hence you’ll notice the small hothouse in the background, as well as the garden in full bloom.

I’ve shown Dancing with Nureyev before, and it is still one of my favourite holos and A England colours. Two coats applied.

dancing w nureyev1

dancing w nureyev2

dancing w nureyev3

dancing w nureyev4

dancing w nureyev5


dancing w nureyevm

[Dior] Trigger (#703)

In my view, Trigger is the most captivating shade of this year’s Dior nail varnishes for autumn. It’s a combination of grey, mauve and lilac, so hard to describe. Not to forget the magenta and silver microglitter particles.


Two coats applied, artificial light.

trigger703 1

trigger703 2

trigger703 3

trigger703 4

Natural light or at least outside. I regret that the sun didn’t come out. Nevertheless, some more photos.

trigger703 5

trigger703 6

trigger703 7


trigger703 m

Steel My Soul

Pulled this out again, i.e. found it at my mother’s. I’ve shown this already but still like the colour (which is taupe with a hint of lilac, as well as golden microglitter) and the finish; it’s called “Brushed Metal Effect” – similar to suède finish. Since Steel My Soul was released in 2012 – and Catrice have changed their bottle shape a while ago -, it’s not available any more, sorry for that.

steel my soul1

Application was two coats. I remember that back in the early (2012) days, I didn’t have many matte nail polishes and was still fascinated by this finish.

steel my soul2

steel my soul3

steel my soul4

steel my soul5

Close-up – with the beautiful golden shimmer.

steel my soul m>

[Ciaté] Sugar Plum

Sugar plum is a lovely lilac crème. This is the miniature bottle.

sugar plum

Application was two coats.

sugar plum1

sugar plum2

sugar plum3

sugar plum4

sugar plum5

If you live in Europe, you will be aware of the current heatwave. It’s been lasting for a few weeks now I think. Although it is super hot outside (around 33 degrees celsius today), I’m still enjoying the summer; this is just what I need. Definitely my Asian heritage, I guess. 😎 Nevertheless, I’m typing and using my computer without glasses due to the heat and sweating, and I rarely wear contacts, so I hope I won’t make too many mistakes.

[Essence] Mauve-llous Fairy

I’ve added this to my stash in 2015 and indeed never got to wear it – until two weeks ago. Mauve-llous Fairy has a slightly transparent mauve base, which is filled with mauve, silver and lilac glitter.

mauve-llous fairy

To achieve opaqueness (it wouldn’t get really opaque), I used three coats. No problem because Mauve-llous Fairy dries quickly.

mauve-llous fairy1

mauve-llous fairy2

mauve-llous fairy3

mauve-llous fairy3a

Artificial light.

mauve-llous fairy4


mauve-llous fairy m