Sparks Divine (old batch) again

Hello again and Happy New Year! I am so glad that 2018 is finally gone and am eager to see what 2019 will bring.

I don’t have new photos to show because I have not yet tried any new varnishes, but I found an old draft of Sparks Divine in my stash (link to original post). This is the old version of this colour (I don’t own the new release), with only little bits of glitter showing after application, with probably two coats shown below.

Close-up photo.

Today, and before 1pm, I went shopping, swimming and see the undertaker; in the afternoon, I was at the graveyard. It’s been a bit windy, but overall a lovely day with a clear blue sky.


The town is Nienburg at river Weser (Lower Saxony, Germany),with a population of about 33,000. It’s cute with a beautiful medieval city centre. The photo shows a hotel next to the theatre (announced on the flags), which is also close by the swimming bath.

[Chanel] Rouge Noir (#18) (2016 formula)

Happy Halloween! Hope you are having fun out there. I’m not doing anything special today; we were just watching a DVD (The Piano Forest, a Japanese Anime and not Halloween-themed) and gave out treats. 🙂 I thought Rouge Noir would fit All Hallows’ Eve – dark vampy red. This is the re-formulated version of 2016.

rouge noir18 2016

Application was two coats. Still one of my favourites.

rougenoir n18 1

rougenoir n18 2

rougenoir n18 3

rougenoir n18 4

rougenoir n18 5

Artificial light.

rougenoir n18 6

Here’s the previous version of Rouge Noir, and I also like Free Bear Hugs by China Glaze, which is similar, if you are not looking for Chanel.


[Chanel] Monochrome (#522)

I’m affected by photobucket’s new T&Cs, which won’t allow embedding photos in third-party websites any more, if you have a free account (like me). That means that you will notice those funny (actually they are not really funny) black boxes in some posts. I’m working on this; I rediscovered my flickr account which I had set up years ago but never used, but migration will take some time, so thank you for still sticking around!

As for Monochrome, photos are hosted by flickr already. 😉 Pretty grey shade, two coats applied.


monochrome522 1_zpsowp6aubr

monochrome522  2_zps6xelrbws

monochrome522  3_zpsmpv8j9vx

[Chanel] Pirate (#08), 2016 formula

Just uploaded new pictures and thought, why not posting Pirate? It’s one of my favourite reds and I love the crelly formula as well as its colour. Here is the new formulated Pirate.

pirate08 2016_zpsva9wl9sp

Two coats applied.

pirate n1_zpsvwfgr2s8

pirate n2_zpsfolkvukc

Artificial light.

pirate n3_zpsqwtnom2u

pirate n4_zpsjqcj775t

pirate n5_zpsmmg2vsnf

Wheather is crazy by the way. It’s noon now and we’ve already had a super dark sky with thunderstorms, while the sun is shining at the moment, with temperatures expecting to rise up to 30 degrees celsius. 😎 We’ll see, I’m going out later.

[Essence] Rebel At Heart

Rebel At Heart was a birthday present, given to me by my daughter, who knows that I am into sparkly shades. This has a dark grey base, packed with silver and some golden microglitter.

rebel at heart_zps6c5rtr5z

Two coats without top coat – Rebel At Heart dries a bit matte, but not gritty.

rebel at heart1_zpsnwbsfe4z

For the following photos, I added top coat, achieving a shinier result.

rebel at heart2_zpspe1kujyl

rebel at heart3_zpsvf1daddz

rebel at heart4_zpsmpjmbs2r

rebel at heart5_zpsslhdvlac

Close-up view.

rebel at heart m_zps6iwijw3z

[Chanel] Chaîne Or (#518)

You might remember that I am not a huge fan of golden nail colours (I actually haven’t heard of anyone who is), but Chaîne Or is somewhat different, and I really liked wearing it – and will probably apply it again. It is more a yellow gold, shimmer finish too. When I went swimming, it really sparkled in the water and sunlight, and I have to admit: I like this.

chaine or518_zps3vkfp4rs

Two coats applied.

chaine or518 1_zpswmxaq2wh
chaine or518 2_zpsgnngcafb
chaine or518 3_zpsmeuhjtna

chaine or518 4_zpsm0iwlauo

chaine or518 5_zpsragmg3va

Close-up view.

chaine or518 m_zpsocrfpqxb

[Essence] Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

It’s not news that I like white on my nails. I just think it’s a classy and chic colour, also a bit extraordinary. I could not resist Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses when I first saw it at the drugstore – but did, in order to come back a couple of days later and after I found it sold out everywhere. Nevertheless, the brach I usually shop still had some leftovers of the collection – and I got it for free, because they had already removed everything from their database. So that was really sweet.

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses is a true white with silver glitter, described as “sea salt finish” (i.e. gritty and matte).

sandy toes et salty kisses_zps6apvisvn

Two coats turned out to be a bit patchy, so I needed three. What’s really disappointing, the glitter does not show once everything has dried. Not really showing through and hard to make out.

sandy toes salty kisses1_zpsr5jp27mr

sandy toes salty kisses2_zpsmfoueujv

sandy toes salty kisses3_zpsarasuzan

sandy toes salty kisses4_zpscbj6fo3y

Macro shot.

sandy toes salty kisses m_zpsezyvhja3

Next week the wheather is going to be brilliant, thus I will pull out my beloved China Glaze neons. It is probably supposed to be the last hot week for this summer. I know that you might be waiting for Dior Skyline, the only one of the autumn polishes I have not worn and shown yet, but I am currently more in the mood for bright and flashy colours …