Boris & Natasha (OPI) again

Here we have a beautiful OPI nail varnish I have posted before, Boris & Natasha. Plum with crème finish. I felt like applying this again recently.

boris et natasha

boris et natasha1

boris et natasha3

boris et natasha4

boris et natasha5


Sprung (OPI) Again

I am currently wearing Sprung and since it’s been a while since my last OPI post (I haven’t bought nail colour of this brand recently) I thought I could share this with you – although there is a already a blog entry. Nevertheless, I think that with its copper foil finish Sprung is made for this season. Hard to believe that it was actually released for Spring, isn’t it? 🙂

This is two coats.

sprung n1

sprung n2

sprung n3

sprung n4

sprung n5

Close-up picture.

sprung m

Altough I am definitely no fan of winter or cold wheather, I am beginning to adapt to it. I still cannot say that I like being outside during rain or snow – but I go swimming regularly (I always loved swimming) and swim long distances, and I guess it helps coping with any season. I don’t feel that uncomfortable during winter anymore. Normally wintertime was equal to permanently suffering from a cold. 😉 But regardless of the wheater, I make my way to the swimming bath and realised that it’s probably only a matter of the right clothes. We’ll see!

[OPI] Pamplona Purple

Pamplona Purple. The name says it: purple.

pamplona purple_zpsssu49sty

Two coats shown below. Funny thing: Unscrewing the lid was kind of a nightmare. The bottle was already used (Ebay purchase), so I guess that some polish had glued the lid to the bottle neck. I finally managed to unscrew the bottle, but the pliers I had used left some dents on the lid … Nevertheless, the colour was worth the struggle!

pamplona purple1_zpsnd2swpgh

pamplona purple2_zps5hqpwknd

pamplona purple3_zpsewvx1uul

pamplona purple4_zps3emsogbl

[OPI] Barefoot In Barcelona

I’ve been at my mother’s place for a week now and enjoying it so much. Didn’t tell you that Hamburg has early Easter holidays – so we are taking some time off in Lower Saxony, starting our days with swimming. I swam two kilometres each day except Sunday and it’s so great.

Once I’m back in Hamburg, there will be new Chanels to show. I noticed that I have not posted a nude shade – and an OPI nail varnish – for a while, so here is Barefoot in Barcelona. It’s beige with a proportion of rosewood. Lovely!

barefoot in barcelona_zps9f47fmjp

Two coats shown below and another premiere for this year: The weather is getting better (i. e. warmer) and thus I am taking photos outside again. 😎

barefoot in barcelona1_zpsxa21f5kl

barefoot in barcelona2_zpstfiql2iu

barefoot in barcelona3_zpsdq7xmwwj

barefoot in barcelona4_zpsmm0m4qwf

[OPI] You Ottaware Purple

This too was kept in my stash for, well, years! You Ottaware Purple dates back to 2004 (Canadian collection, as implied by the name) the and so I guess that that was the age of shimmer finishes, which adds to the purple base of You Ottaware Purple.

you ottaware purple_zpsrazcnliq

As for the formula, it’s rather sheer. I applied three thin coats. This colour somehow takes me back in time. 😉

you ottaware purple1_zps4ejs8jfs

you ottaware purple2_zpslyojvhi3

you ottaware purple3_zpsu7jjkten

you ottaware purple4_zpscknjnh6p

Macro view.

you ottaware purple m_zps6qouobee

Reloaded: Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Hello there! I’ve been a bit lazy or whatever (film festival addict …), but received a call from Dior today, stating that part of the Holiday collection has already arrived at their Alsterhaus counter. So I’ve just applied the dark red Mystère and might take photos tomorrow. Gosh, this is another stunning vampy red in the tradition of Rouge Noir; I’ll have to check it out at daylight.

For the time being – last week I gave Every Month is Oktoberfest another try and am happy to present a recent set of photos, taken by daylight this time. Enjoy!

every month is octoberfest1a_zpsns0loo3d

every month is octoberfest2a_zpseqsygega

every month is octoberfest3a_zpsftsgief3

every month is octoberfest4a_zpsapqcyqud

every month is octoberfest5a_zpsjx8xx6mx

every month is octoberfest6a_zpsc1cgup0n

Close-up view (again :mrgreen: ).

every month is octoberfest m1_zpsp4acvl58