[Dior] Charm (#449)

Way before Christmas, most holiday collections have obviously been already released. It’s getting earlier with every new year. I mean I like snacking gingerbread and other Christmas sweets but I’m not necessarily thinking of Christmas nail colours.

Nevertheless, Charm is more of  a neutral colour. Dominant colour is rosewood, with a bit of beige and apricot.


In the bottle it might look plain but I found it amazing on my nails (although I’m normally not into neutrals).

charm449 1

Very glossy and applies smoothly.

charm449 2

charm449 3

charm449 4

charm449 5

[Chanel] Bleached Mauve (#646)

Here we have the perfect neutral shade for my nail (and skintone), Bleached Mauve. It’s nude beige with a very discreet touch of mauve.

bleached mauve646

So far, Barefoot in Barcelona has been my favourite neutral from this colour family. But Bleached Mauve is a hint warmer. Shown below is two coats.

bleached mauve646 0

bleached mauve646 1

bleached mauve646 2

bleached mauve646 3

bleached mauve646 4

Daylight; I’ve had this mani for two days when taking the photo.

bleached mauve646 5

[Chanel] Beige Pétale (#567)

Beige Pétale; this is a sheer beige, which might be perfect for French nails. I’m not that much into transparent shades, especially when they are neutral, and hence don’t wear them too often. Nevertheless I tried this.

beige petale

As mentiones above, this is definitely transparent, and shown below is three coats. Beige Pétale is not really visible on the nails, but I like the glossy finish.





Favourite location! I’m a keen swimmer, and “Alsterschwimmhalle” is my favourite swimming bath in Hamburg.



[Essence] My Sweet Escape

I’m still at my mother’s house, not wearing any new colours for the time being. But there are some Chanel varnishes waiting at home. 🙂 As for this posting, I tried My Sweet Escape some weeks ago and it’s actually a thermo nail polish, changing its colour from beige to rose/peach. Hence it’s more a neutral shade.

my sweet escape

I tried my best to capture both colours but the cold version (= beige) wouldn’t really show up. Two coats applied, artificial light.




Natural light. This is for sure the warm version.


[Essence] … & my flaky caty

Going through my Essence drafts. … & my flaky caty is one of their recent releases, beige nude with black glitter and a finish that is frost and satin at the same time! What is more, look at its cute bottle design.

and my flaky caty

Two coats shown below, no top coat.






Macro photo showing the different glitter shapes and sizes.

myflakykaty m1

[Dior] Jungle Matte (#614)

I’m back from Fantasy Filmfest (although I was in Hamburg all the time, of course, but spending time at the movies for almost 12 hours a day is somewhat different …) and, being super crazy about this horror and independent stuff, saw all of the 54 films. 😉

Right now I am wearing Jungle Matte on my nails, which is a brand new Dior. So they ae doing mattes now and kind of re-invented this finish with a formula that is super easy to apply and dries quickly. No gritty surface – just pure matte. Jungle Matte is a nude beige (or light brown) colour.

jungle matte614

Daylight, two coats (no top coat, of course).

jungle matte614 1

jungle matte614 2

jungle matte614 3

Artificial light.

jungle matte614 4

jungle matte614 5

jungle matte614 6

[Chanel] New Dawn (#578)

I’m almost off to Fantasy Filmfest (while it’s raining heavily …) – officially Day One -, so this is going to be a short post, but I didn’t want to make you wait for ages for the next blog entry. So today it is all about New Dawn, which is dusty mauve, probably with a slight hint of beige. Exceptionally unique.

new dawn578

Two coats shown below.

newdawn578 1

newdawn578 2

newdawn578 3

newdawn578 4

Artificial light.

newdawn578 5

newdawn578 6