[SpaRitual] Unconditional Love

Since I haven’t posted a SpaRitual shade for ages, here is Unconditional Love. It’s a light pink with a metallic finish.

unconditional love

Two coats.

unconditional love

unconditional love


[SpaRitual] Love Your Mother

SpaRitual polishes are completely vegan, but I particularly like their bottle shape and the cute names of some of their varnishes. This is Love Your Mother (probably alluding to Mother Earth), a dusty pink.


Unfortunately, the formula of Love Your Mother is pretty runny. It took me three coats to achieve opacity. But the result is beautiful; this makes a nice autumn colour as well.



Love Your Mother is similar to Chanel’s Rose Confidentiel; both share the same colour family. The left pop-up stick shows Rose Confidentiel, while Love Your Mother is on the right.