[Chanel] Holographic

I finally put on legendary Holographic from the Duo Platinum Set – holographic silver, there’s probably no more to say -, which I bought ages ago from Valerie, a fellow Mensan and Chanel collector, but without realising at first that is was her (I just found the name familiar 😉 ). Here it is.


Two coats shown below, no top coat. I also forgot about the aqua basecoat and used a regular base. Still the holographic effect is more than stunning!





Close-up picture.

holographic m

[Dior] Lunar (#407)

I’m wearing Lunar at present – still, because I applied it on Tuesday, then got a heavy cold, and probably I’ll change my nail colour tomorrow. But you may believe me, it is still looking immaculate, without the slightest hint of tipwear. 😯 Amazing; I haven’t had this with a nail varnish for … like ages?!

Lunar is a silver and grey shade, and I also spot a very small proportion of lilac in this. The metallic finish is perfect for this colour.


I am showing you two coats under artificial lighting.

lunar407 1

lunar407 2

lunar407 3

lunar407 4

Tried to take some photos during daytime, but without the sun shining, Lunar won’t sparkle.

lunar407 5

lunar407 6

Close-up photos.

lunar407 m lunar407 m2

Honestly, I don’t know whether Lunar (or the sister colour, Solar) is available in boutiques or shops; I purchased mine via the Dior website and think at least online it’s available worldwide.

[A England] Excalibur Renaissance

Last post for this year, as it seems. I seize the opportunity to wish you all a great 2018. Enjoy your festivities or whatever you have planned for New Year’s Eve.

This is Excalibur Renaissance, the re-formulated Excalibur. Sadly I don’t own the original version, so I cannot compare. But this is a silver metallic and really stands out.

excalibur renaissance

Two coats applied.

excalibur renaissance1

excalibur renaissance2

excalibur renaissance3

excalibur renaissance4

excalibur renaissance5

Close-up photo.

excalibur renaissance m

[Essence] Chrome Into My Life

Chrome Into My Life. According to Essence this comes with a “melted chrome” effect, so I thought it could be mirror-like (as the bottle design indicates). The colour is silver.

chrome into my life

Actually, it’s silver with metallic finish. No mirror-shine though but still pretty. This is three coats because the formula is pretty sheer.

chrome into my life1

chrome into my life2

chrome into my life3

chrome into my life4

Close-up photo.

chrome into my life m

[Essence] Mirror, Mirror on the Nail (nail powder)

So here’s another nail powder, Mirror, Mirror on the Nail. The name says it, I hoped to see my own reflection in this and was therefore eager to try this powder.

mirror mirror on the nail

The following two photos was taken directly after applying the water-based topcoat, and you will notice some of the fine powder around my cuticles.

mirror mirror on the nail0

Unfortunately, it’s not visible from the photos but the mirror effect is amazing! I should probably have gone for a little bit more powder to get a less scattered mirror image but the effect was stunning.

mirror mirror on the nail1

After cleaning up.

mirror mirror on the nail2

mirror mirror on the nail4

Daylight. I love these powders and will get more colours; there’s an iridescent shade too. 😎

mirror mirror on the nail5

mirror mirror on the nail6


mirror mirror on the nail m

[Dior] Winter (#128)

December already and I just recognised that snow is back at WordPress! Let’s combine this with Winter, which I own since 2013 but have not applied before because I am not really into almost sheer shades, even when they contain golden and silver shimmer in a tinted white base. I don’t remember if Winter was meant to be a top coat? Nevertheless, here we go.


Three coats of Winter on its own.

winter128 1_zpsnbwqrdp5

winter128 2_zpswlbfy1jd

winter128 3_zpszptj893x

Close-up view.

winter128 m_zpsexdly2wz