[Chanel] Canotier (532)

So here is Canotier, which at first I did not like too much since I am not a fan of gold-leaning shades, although Canotier is more a muted gold with hints of silver. Metallic finish – thus it is sensitive to visible brush strokes.


Two coats applied and not really my kind of shade, as mentioned above. But I also admit that I liked it with my skin tone and that’s why it wasn’t too bad in the end. 🙂

canotier532 1_zpsde1zagn9

canotier532 2_zpsor6sjbqi

canotier532 3_zpszgqprk62

canotier532 4_zpskz4rvbuz

Macro photo.

canotier m_zpshztyrlm9


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