[Chanel] Cavalière (526)

Although brown is not my favourite colour when it comes to painting my nails, this might not apply to Cavalière, which comes with a beautiful shimmer.


I seized the oppotunity and applied Cavalière while the sun was still there (because I was quite sure that I would not have picked it on a rainy day). Two coats shown below, the colour is almost a yummy chocolate brown.

cavaliere526 1_zpsfvu1x2qp

cavaliere526 2_zpsgp4lof74

cavaliere526 3_zpsntxx4j5f

cavaliere526 4_zpsenmpsern

Close up picture.

cavaliere526 m_zps78ki4rma


One thought on “[Chanel] Cavalière (526)

  1. Same to me, I’m not a fan of browns.. I think I’ve just one medium very old brown and a dark one with shimmer nail lacquers… then some taupes :/
    Def., the rich shimmer saves Cavalière


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