[Dior] Safari Beige

Safari Beige (French label) or Beige Safari (English) is the third shade of this year’s Blue Tie edition by Dior. It’s a lighter beige with a crème finish. I guess Safari Beige was a relaunch.

Left to right: Beige Safari, Blue Denim (my favourite of the collection) and Tuxedo.

blue tie varnishes

Three coats.

safari beige

beige safari

This day’s been crazy so far. It’s the first day of school after two weeks autumn break – late trains, when I got home I realised that I had forgotten my keys (again, since this happens on quite a regular basis). Normally our neighbours, who got a spare key, help me out but it seemed that they were not at home, so I had to wake my husband. Next, the coffee machine broke… luckily, I got myself a White Choc Mocha from the coffee shop next door. And when doing my nails, I knocked over another bottle of nail polish remover and it spilt over my desk – again (although last time, it was on the keyboard, which was worse). Oh, and I had only about two hours of sleep.