[Dior] Tuxedo (+ Updates)

Finally, Tuxedo is mine! dance It’s a dark ink blue with shimmer.


I’ve been craving for this for ages; it is still not available at my favourite and usual Dior counter until today and I have no idea why. ❓ They had the tester a couple weeks ago in the display but the actual polish had not been delivered… I was so close!

As for this one, I got it rather unexpectedly when we went to a different part of the city yesterday, approximately a 20 minutes metro ride away; we never go there, but my little one got a sinusitis and thus we went to see the ENT doctor. Almost next door is a shopping centre with a small Karstadt department store, which still held the entire Blue Tie Collection.

Tuxedo is pretty opaque with just one coat (however, I used two for the pictures and, yes, I bumped the ring finger…).



Blue Denim, the second blue varnish of the Blue Tie collection, is here.

Update: Nail pop up swatches with Blue Satin on the left and Tuxedo on the right. Seems that Blue Satin is a tad darker (containing a hint of black, at least when compared to Tuxedo); moreover, the shimmer particles in Tuxedo are bigger too, they almost look a bit like microglitter, but they aren’t.

blue satin and tuxedo

Another update… New swatches from March 2012. 🙂 Two coats.

Artificial light.


Natural light, but cloudy.







4 thoughts on “[Dior] Tuxedo (+ Updates)

    • Ich hab’ Dir das letzte Fotos mit den Sticks eingebaut. 🙂 Tuxedo ist minimal heller und blauer, und (das wirst Du eh wissen, glaube ich 😉 ) Blue Satin hat ja den typischen subtilen Chanel-Schimmer. Tuxedo wirkt dagegen etwas “grober” schimmernd.


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