Another Riva Random Pic

Here’s Riva again, not on my nails this time, but compared to Tabasco bottles (350 ml size). :mrgreen: I took this photo in June and found it on my hard drive… think it’s funny.

riva and tabasco

Basically, it was all about the Tabasco in this photo; I guess the average (or standard) bottle size available is 56 ml. My boyfriend discovered the bigger version and we needed something to compare it with; the first thing I picked was Riva. 😉


[Orly] Candy Cane Lane

I don’t own many Orly polishes although they create amazing colours, which are easy to apply. Candy Cane Lane is a classic red with a slightly jelly formula. I’ve got the mini version.


Three coats. I did these swatches about two months ago when my nails were shorter. 😉