[Chanel] Riva

Everyone knows Riva, which came out last year. It’s a pale baby blue with a slight shimmer.


Unfortunately, application was’t very easy, since Riva is pretty sheer. I used four thin coats to achieve opaqueness and until I liked the result. Nevertheless, Riva is beautiful and worth the struggle.

Sparkles! 🙂 (Direct sunlight.)





Inside – only a subtle shimmer.


3 thoughts on “[Chanel] Riva

  1. neid neid neid!!!!
    Das ist mein “Traumlack” und ich will den sOOOOOOO sehr haben!
    Ohhhhh…Du Glückliche!!!
    Traumhafte wunderbare hübsche grandiose Farbe
    liebste grüße & einen schönen Abend noch!
    Gute Nacht xoxo
    karo 🙂


  2. The new “Coco Blue” from the “Les Jeans de Chanel” collection it pretty close to Riva.
    Let’s see how this colour will be named next year …. I would suggest “Caribbean Dream”! 😉


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