[Chanel] Vertigo (60) – updated 2012-06-23

Another vintage Chanel – meet Vertigo. I always think of the Hitchcock movie of the same name when I stumble upon this varnish.


It has a slight golden shimmer in a wine red base.

P1150803 vertigo-bottle

Swatched on my (then) shorter nails.

vertigo vertigo2

I just came back from the movies; we had a wonderful evening. Initially, I was a bit upset about our arriving later than planned at the movie theatre, but when we finally got there, one of the lead actors was outside (with the director, however, I did not recognise her), and I managed to have my ticked signed. There was also a talk afterwards and they were all very sweet!

Update 2012-06-23
Since I needed some distraction regarding preparing for my viva on Monday, I swatched Vertigo #60 again today, enjoy! 🙂




En détail… 😉