[Chanel] Vertigo (60) – updated 2012-06-23

Another vintage Chanel – meet Vertigo. I always think of the Hitchcock movie of the same name when I stumble upon this varnish.


It has a slight golden shimmer in a wine red base.

P1150803 vertigo-bottle

Swatched on my (then) shorter nails.

vertigo vertigo2

I just came back from the movies; we had a wonderful evening. Initially, I was a bit upset about our arriving later than planned at the movie theatre, but when we finally got there, one of the lead actors was outside (with the director, however, I did not recognise her), and I managed to have my ticked signed. There was also a talk afterwards and they were all very sweet!

Update 2012-06-23
Since I needed some distraction regarding preparing for my viva on Monday, I swatched Vertigo #60 again today, enjoy! 🙂




En détail… 😉


6 thoughts on “[Chanel] Vertigo (60) – updated 2012-06-23

  1. bei seinem namen dachte ich auch sofort an hitchcock, aber weil mir der lack fehlt nehme ich lieber den medizinischen begriff ‘vertigo’… der steht für schwindelgefühl … es gibt noch viele lücken 😉

    ps: sehr hübscher lack, ich gratuliere dir!


  2. Hi! This might be a bit late, but I got this nail polish from my mom a couple of days ago (she was about to throw it away). Do you have any more info about this polish? What collection is it from? What year? Would really appreciate some answers. Thanks!


    • Thanks for your comment – and glad that it didn’t end up in the bin. 😉 I’m sorry but I really don’t know anything (else) about Vertigo 60, except that it must be pretty old. But you could check ChaHeVu’s blog (chahevu.blogspot.com); she’s a friend of mine and has a gorgeous collection, as well as an extensive knowledge.
      Sorry that I couldn’t really be of any help …


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