[Dior] Reflects (#228) (over Essence No Hurries, No Worries)

So I presented No Hurries, No Worries (aka one of the most opaque nail varnishes 😎 ) yesterday, and here it is topped with Reflects. Reflects is meant as a top coat and packed with golden glassflecks in a sheer base.


One coat of Reflects over my (two-coat) No Hurries, No Worries mani to achieve a slightly golden shimmer.

reflects228 no hurries no worries1_zpswv3w8sps

reflects228 no hurries no worries2_zpsfeqswzk9

reflects228 no hurries no worries3_zpseyqbtl0n

reflects228 no hurries no worries4_zpsaiyfaykg

Artificial light.

reflects228 no hurries no worries5_zps7e4hif7j

reflects228 no hurries no worries6_zps1ozvc2mz

Close-ups under natural (left) and artificial light.

reflects m1_zpsjknjb8nh reflects m2_zps1txmjmwx


[Dior] Tout Paris (#888)

For the last couple days, I’ve been wearing Tout Paris, which is classic red – but far from being plain. Stunning colour.

tout paris888_zpswcqgp9ya

Taking advantage of the sunshine. 😎 Two coats applied.

tout paris888 1_zps84ulwqvb

tout paris888 2_zps6rckfhj3

tout paris888 3_zpsoklpyodz

[Dior] Night Shock (#808)

Night Shock. I don’t wear dark colours that often when days get shorter – but this has been in my stash for a while, so I gave it a try. Nevertheless, Night Shock looked really pretty when I went to the swimming bath, refelcted by sunlight and the water. The base colour is dark grey or charcoal grey, and it is packed with microglitter for a shimmer finish.


Shown below is two coats. We are at my mother’s place currently, since it’s autumn holidays, and it feels nice being here. I wasn’t lucky regarding the weather when taking photos, but at least you’ll notice the shimmer in the bottle.

night shock808 1_zpsdltleaqd

night shock808 2_zps5uxeirlz

night shock808 3_zps5cm2cklt

night shock808 4_zpsosb3ckht

night shock808 5_zpsgcmhokpk

Close-up view.

night shock808 m_zps5goe8ydd

[Yves Saint Laurent] Bleu Galuchat (52)

So – Bleu Galuchat. This is a dark blue with a hint of teal, also containing glitter particles.


And having a leather effect finish (which you won’t notice from looking at the bottle though).


Honest opinion – although I (still) like most sand finish polishes and all of my YSL nail varnishes, I wasn’t really convinced by Bleu Galuchat. Maybe because the glitter can rarely be noticed after application; I had hoped for Bleu Galuchat being more sparkly. For the first time, regarding sand finishes, I also tried a topcoat, but it looks quite disastrous. :mrgreen: In the end, I grabbed the nail polish remover and did another mani … 🙄 Nevertheless, Bleu Galuchat deserves a second chance (I really like this colour) sometime.




Close-up view.


[Chanel] Exception (639)

Lots of Chanel posts coming up here; I admit that I’m currently very much (again) into their nail polishes. So this is Exception, a red brown (or brownish red) with a slight shimmer, visible in the bottle. When I first saw it in real, I thought of Accessoire (573) and the “new”, brownish Paparazzi (579). It is indeed very close to Accessoire, and I will also need to have a look at Koala and Madness, since Exception is for sure in their colour family.


Exception is pretty opaque with just one coat, however, shown below is two coats.






[Chanel] Atmosphère (629) over Secret (625)

So here is another post with two of the Chanel Fall colours, Atmosphère layered over Secret. I used two coats of Secret and topped them with one coat of Atmosphère.

atmosphere secret

Yes, I like this look but, to be honest, prefer Atmosphère on its own. It is so complex and beautiful.

atmosphere secret

atmosphere secret

atmosphere secret

atmosphere secret

atmosphere secret

Macro view.

atmosphere secret

I wanted to do the same regarding Orage, i.e. layering Atmosphère over it, but I forgot … so this would have to wait until I’ll be wearing Orage again, but this might probably be soon. 🙂

[Chanel] Orage (631)

Another dark autumn colour. Orage is a blackened blue or very dark indigo blue with a slight shimmer.


At first and after applying one coat, I thought this might be more on the sheer side, but it’s perfectly opaque with two coats, as you can see below.







Close-up view.