Alchimie again

I’m bothering you with another “reloaded” mani. :mrgreen: But Alchimie can tell a story. When I first tried (and posted) this, I didn’t like it so much. Pretty but … it didn’t make it on my nails again until shortly.

A couple of years ago, my second husband went to Copenhagen, and that’s how I got a miniature Little Mermaid, which he had picked very carefully, because he wanted to pick a mermaid with the most beautiful hair. 😉 I kept her on my desk, then with my selection of nail varnishes I was planning to apply … and dropped her accidentally sometime in March. The head broke off. 😦 I was devastated but managed to glue the head back on. She looked good again, however, the crack was still visible – and that’s when Alchimie came into play. Nail varnishes are varnishes, aren’t they? 😉 This is the result:


Still a visible line, but Alchimie is indeed almost the same shade as the Little Mermaid.


Of course, I applied Alchimie on my nails too. 😉 It’s one of my favourite colours now.

alchimie591 1_zpsd3nmtp52

alchimie591 2_zpsurvecadw

alchimie591 3_zpsi0kkfo3v

alchimie591 4_zpslrag3vgj

alchimie591 5_zpsqksmrqne


alchimie591 m_zpsqmotqtv5


[China Glaze] Tongue & Chic

I’ve been quite lazy recently … or busy, looking forward to Fantasy Filmfest Nights taking place in Hamburg next Saturday/Sunday. Moreover, it is Hamburger Stummfilmtage currently, dedicated to silent films and in particular Austrian screenplay writer Carl Mayer. So lots of stuff to discover, and I will spend tomorrow afternoon with my daughter to watch the latest Cinderella movie. 🙂

As for Tongue & Chic, this pretty teal shimmer made its way from Elena‘s place to my stash. I am still fond of China Glaze nail varnishes, they have a great variety of extraordinary shades. Although I do not collect them seriously (compared to Chanel and Dior), I am always happy adding new colours to my stash.

tongue et chic_zpsxcdc5am6

Shown below are two coats of Tongue & Chic.

tongue chic1_zpsabvmslcv

tongue chic2_zpsyocsflst

tongue chic3_zpsjnym6r3a

tongue chic4_zps1cyhevqq

tongue chic5_zpsmimdbonn

Close-up view.

tongue chic a_zpsoxwpvzn3

[OPI] Dining Al Frisco

Dining Al Frisco is a bright sky blue with a slight silver shimmer, its finish also being a bit frosty.


I noticed this first when my little one was flying to Switzerland, to spend her autumn break with her biological father. At the airport, I saw the San Francisco Collection and liked Dining Al Frisco at once. Shown below is two coats.




Close-up view.


A couple days ago, I found out why I love this shade so much: It is similar to Essence Gleam in Blue (which I haven’t posted yet, although swatches exist), which is on the right:


They are close but no dupes. Unfortunately, Gleam in Blue has been discontinued for a while. (In the photo, I’m wearing Jade Impérial.)


[essence] Herzl

There was a cute Oktoberfest limited edition by essence (although I realise that Oktoberfest is actually over), and I opted for Herzl, a light pink containing glassflecks.


Three thin coats. I don’t remember how, but I managed to bump into the bottle with my pinky finger, so the still wet polish got a small mark.