[Dior] Bengale (#615)

Bengale is a brown shade with perhaps the slightest hint of khaki. But mostly brown.


Two coats shown below.

bengale615 1

bengale615 2

bengale615 3

bengale615 4


[Yves Saint Laurent] Khaki Arty (#31)

If you are a bit familiar with my taste, you will notice that Khaki Arty is quite an unusual shade for my nails. It’s indeed khaki with olive green undertones – nothing that will make me think of winter days. 😉 I received this from C.M of ChaHeVu blog – ages ago and as a special edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out.

khaki arty_zpsqi4yh2jo

Shown below is two coats.

khaki arty31 1_zpsvtwgt77w

khaki arty31 2_zpsjho6kors

khaki arty31 3_zpseatgwuid

Artificial light. This brings out the green.

khaki arty31 4_zpsted1mfmd

Reloaded: Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Hello there! I’ve been a bit lazy or whatever (film festival addict …), but received a call from Dior today, stating that part of the Holiday collection has already arrived at their Alsterhaus counter. So I’ve just applied the dark red Mystère and might take photos tomorrow. Gosh, this is another stunning vampy red in the tradition of Rouge Noir; I’ll have to check it out at daylight.

For the time being – last week I gave Every Month is Oktoberfest another try and am happy to present a recent set of photos, taken by daylight this time. Enjoy!

every month is octoberfest1a_zpsns0loo3d

every month is octoberfest2a_zpseqsygega

every month is octoberfest3a_zpsftsgief3

every month is octoberfest4a_zpsapqcyqud

every month is octoberfest5a_zpsjx8xx6mx

every month is octoberfest6a_zpsc1cgup0n

Close-up view (again :mrgreen: ).

every month is octoberfest m1_zpsp4acvl58

[Yves Saint Laurent] Rouge Expressioniste

Rouge Expressioniste, a rich red.


I’ve been wearing this quite often, but never managed to take appropriate photographs – they were either blurred or just did not do the colour justice. About ten days ago, I finally took the following pictures, doing swatches of Rouge Expressioniste, instead of my usual manicure. 🙂 Happy with these photos. I used two coats of Rouge Expressioniste.







[China Glaze] Kalahari Kiss

Kalahari Kiss, this is not a truly neutral shade, it’s probably best described as a yellow beige. Moreover, it contains a hint of pastel.

kalahari kiss

I like Kalahari Kiss. In the sun, it looks great on my nails although I was a bit unsure whether it might not go well with my skin tone – but I feel it does.

kalahari kiss

kalahari kiss

kalahari kiss

kalahari kiss

kalahari kiss

[OPI] Every Month is Oktoberfest

This does not match the season (it’s from fall 2012) but the current weather, since for the past few days, we’ve had thunderstorms and tons of rain. Every Month is Oktoberfest has a dark purple/eggplant base, combined with a quite complex shimmer.


In a word: Awesome. 🙂 I never made it to Oktoberfest but if I ever do, I’ll certainly wear this nail colour, haha!






Here is a close-up view.


The formula of Every Month is Oktoberfest is similar to Germani-cure by OPI, although Germani-cure has a dark red base. 🙂


[Zoya] Evvie

Evvie is a dark green shade with a hint of grey, hard to describe … it’s easier regarding its name, reminding me of my little one. That’s why I opted for Evvie.


Although I liked how Evvie looks in her bottle (my daughter didn’t, she said, it’s not a ‘real’ colour 😉 ), she’s even more beautiful on the nails. Zoya nail varnishes apply flawlessly – so I did two coats.