Dragon (#475) Again

New photos of Chanel Dragon – still one of my favourite classic reds. Application was two coats.

dragon475 n1

dragon475 n2

dragon475 n3

dragon475 n4

dragon475 n5


[OPI] Pamplona Purple

Pamplona Purple. The name says it: purple.

pamplona purple_zpsssu49sty

Two coats shown below. Funny thing: Unscrewing the lid was kind of a nightmare. The bottle was already used (Ebay purchase), so I guess that some polish had glued the lid to the bottle neck. I finally managed to unscrew the bottle, but the pliers I had used left some dents on the lid … Nevertheless, the colour was worth the struggle!

pamplona purple1_zpsnd2swpgh

pamplona purple2_zps5hqpwknd

pamplona purple3_zpsewvx1uul

pamplona purple4_zps3emsogbl

[OPI] Barefoot In Barcelona

I’ve been at my mother’s place for a week now and enjoying it so much. Didn’t tell you that Hamburg has early Easter holidays – so we are taking some time off in Lower Saxony, starting our days with swimming. I swam two kilometres each day except Sunday and it’s so great.

Once I’m back in Hamburg, there will be new Chanels to show. I noticed that I have not posted a nude shade – and an OPI nail varnish – for a while, so here is Barefoot in Barcelona. It’s beige with a proportion of rosewood. Lovely!

barefoot in barcelona_zps9f47fmjp

Two coats shown below and another premiere for this year: The weather is getting better (i. e. warmer) and thus I am taking photos outside again. 😎

barefoot in barcelona1_zpsxa21f5kl

barefoot in barcelona2_zpstfiql2iu

barefoot in barcelona3_zpsdq7xmwwj

barefoot in barcelona4_zpsmm0m4qwf

[Dior] Tonka (717)

I finally managed two things: Applying Tonka, which had been in my Dior collection for a while, and secondly, taking photos while the sun had come out only for a couple of minutes. This is generally a very rainy day.

So today’s manicure is Tonka. The colour shifts between brown and burgundy red with hints of purple and a magenta and purple shimmer. Really interesting, I don’t have anything similar in my stash.


Two coats applied; this was a bit tricky since Tonka still has this old, square brush. But coverage is great, so I’m happy with the result.

tonka717 1_zpsma8trkzx

tonka717 2_zpsumu799fy

tonka717 3_zps8v0i4btj

tonka717 4_zps5dvlnxyv

Macro view.

tonka717 m_zpstp1elqvy

[Chanel] Golden Sand (317)

Golden Sand lives up to its name; this one is a muted gold (gold and bronze) shade presenting a pearl finish (thus it can get a bit streaky).


Two coats shown below – direct sunlight.

goldensand317 1_zpskmzzqead

goldensand317 2_zps8qukazr4
goldensand317 3_zps192yfgfa
Cloudy sky.

goldensand317 4_zpsahh1wwvh

Close-up view.

goldensand317 m_zpsycvrdrec

Programmes and timetables for Fantasy Filmfest are now online, really early this year, although screenings in Berlin will start on 17 August (with Hamburg being the last festival city from 8-18 September). So what I have been basically doing for the last days was watching film trailers. :mrgreen: I really can’t wait!

[Chanel] Ming

Ming belongs to the bunch of nail varnishes I brought home from Malta in January 2012. It’s a pink shade with a visible shimmer, really pretty.


I took this photos ages ago but remember that I applied two coats. 😉




Close-up view.