[Chanel] Mirage (#739)

It’s definitely been a while. Last week, I started my new job, which is again completely different from what I did before (i. e. working in a bookshop), since I’m a lecturer for maths now. Like, finally. 🙂 Moreover, I’m still doing the proofreading as a freelancer for the law school. Things have changed so fast; I’m still grieving and will always be, but I am glad that there is at least a bit of stability regarding work.

I also got the phone call from Alsterhaus for the latest Chanel nail colours, and here is Mirage – a beautiful muted mauve.


Two coats applied.

mirage739 0a

mirage739 0b

mirage739 0c

Artificial lighting.

mirage739 0

mirage739 1

mirage739 2

mirage739 3

mirage739 4

[Chanel] New Dawn (#578)

I’m almost off to Fantasy Filmfest (while it’s raining heavily …) – officially Day One -, so this is going to be a short post, but I didn’t want to make you wait for ages for the next blog entry. So today it is all about New Dawn, which is dusty mauve, probably with a slight hint of beige. Exceptionally unique.

new dawn578

Two coats shown below.

newdawn578 1

newdawn578 2

newdawn578 3

newdawn578 4

Artificial light.

newdawn578 5

newdawn578 6