[Chanel] Flamboyance (#918)

I got the Chanel nail colours for Christmas last week and collected them from Alsterhaus, where I also had a lovely chat with my favourite shop assistant. Such a sweet person! 🙂

Here’s the first shade, Flamboyance. It’s a deep classic red with golden microglitter, which create a subtle shimmer. So very Christmas.

Two coats shown below.

These photos were taken after two days. Finally with natural light and a bit of sunshine. You might notice that the location is the entrance of Alsterschwimmhalle, my favourite swimming bath in Hamburg. It was right after swimming, which had caused slight chipping on my ring finger (but it’s not really visible).



2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Flamboyance (#918)

    • They might be similar, except for the sparkle, as mentioned by you. But the same thought occured to me. 😉 Also, to be honest, Flamboyance (as beautiful as it is) didn’t last for too long, with chippings after just less than one day. I had’t experienced this with Chanel nail varnishes for ages. Nevertheless I’ll give it another try of course but so far it’s been slightly disappointing.

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