[Dior] Rouge en Diable (#851)

Nothing beats a stunning red! Here is my favourite of the Dior nail varnishes for fall 2018, Rouge en Diable. It’s not just oxblood with a hint of maroon – it’s so special. I am still thinking of similar colours and will check my stash again during daytime. Red Ebony probably, or Chanel Koala? Your suggestions are welcome.

rouge en diable851

Property management had set up a huge scaffolding before our front windows, making it hard to take good photos. But here’s one with Pandi the panda. 🐻 (Two coats of Rouge en Diable.)

rouge en diable851 1

I also took some photos outside – on my way to the subway …

rouge en diable851 2

… and after swimming. No tipwear on day 2.

rouge en diable851 3

rouge en diable851 4

Artificial light and right after application.

rouge en diable851 5

rouge en diable851 7

rouge en diable851 8

rouge en diable851 9


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