[Dior] Blop (#894)

Blop is a muted denim blue. I was really after this one; at Alsterhaus where I usually buy my Dior cosmetics, they had only the tester to show, and I tried another department store and a perfumery, but wasn’t successful. It wasn’t available on the web site either, so I guess this one might be a bit difficult to find – or just released at a later date. Feel free to post your experiences in the comments below.

In the end, I had my bottle of Blop shipped from Italy. 🙂


As indicated above, I love the colour. Although it’s still sunny outside, you can always wear dark blue. Application was two coats.






Artificial light.




4 thoughts on “[Dior] Blop (#894)

  1. this is the only one I own of the dior summer collex.
    I was able to buy it online from a u.s. department store way back in may (I’m in california) without a hitch, but I still haven’t worn it yet!
    looks super good on you per usual 🙂


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