[China Glaze] Partridge In A Palm Tree

The nice bit about Partridge In A Palm Tree: It’s a beautiful shade, mint green with a hint of aqua, visible shimmer and it dries matte! That’s enough to know to fall in love with this.

Partridge In A Palm Tree_zpshad6pnlj

But when it came to application I almost went mad. First of all, this dries very – VERY – quickly, which is probably a plus. But, at least regarding my very own experience, the Partridge does noch seem to like base coats. First try: I messed both the base and the polish layer. Second and third try: I don’t know why, but I ended up with a crackled finish – “crackled” as in “crackle effect top coat”. Which is certainly not what Partridge In A Palm Tree is meant for.

Hence, forth try (with my living room smelling of nail polish remover …): no base – and it worked, but the “work quickly” formula still applied. Shown below is result no. 4, no base, two coats of Partridge On A Palm Tree.

partridge in a palm tree1_zpsnreydirj

partridge in a palm tree2_zps2gendpit

partridge in a palm tree3_zpsfn4rxnmx

The colour was definitely worth the effort. Nevertheless I am not sure whether I will try it again … but (the same night) I added some top coat to bring out the shimmer.

partridge in a palm tree tc1_zpssfojyto7

partridge in a palm tree tc2_zpsifqb4ibg

Close-up view.

partridge in a palm tree m1_zps6swoyizb partridge in a palm tree m2_zpsf7fkyx3r

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