[p2] even now!

[I’m sorry but Photobucket currently seems to cause some trouble, so that you might not be able to see the mani photos … I am trying to work things out.]

“Winter … who cares!” Well, it has become quite cold, even in the North of Germany, with frosty nights and snowy paths, e. g. at my mother’s place. I’m not too fond of the cold season because it means putting on layers of clothes. But nevertheless I like winter-themed nail polishes. 😉

Even Now has been part of my stash for a while before making it on my nails. It’s like a snow globe disguising as a nail varnish, white glitter from chunky to fine in a white, semi-sheer jelly base. Winter, isn’t it?

even now!

Two coats applied. It’s not too gritty, I used one layer of top coat.

even now!

even now!

even now!

Natural light.

even now!

Macro view.

even now!


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