[Dior] Red Glove (#954)

I’m back – after having a great time at Fantasy Filmfest, 51 films in eleven days (I missed out one, but deliberately). It was fun, as always, being in the movie theatre every day. Although the Filmfest finished on Sunday, I went to watch Don’t Breathe yesterday, regular programme … And Filmfest Hamburg is soon to start. :mrgreen: In spite of all those films I managed to paint my nails every two or three days. I’m currently wearing Red Glove, which is a classic red with the slightest blue undertone.

red glove954_zps18xycb2b

As it seems to be autumn now, at least regarding the weather, photos were taken inside.

redglove954 1_zpsod7ttvol

redglove954 2_zpsgnv3izjz

redglove954 3_zpsqqaa1qe3

redglove954 4_zpsxzn8kbp8


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