[Dior] Opening Night (#994)

Opening Night (which would actually be perfect for Fantasy Filmfest 😉 ) is one of the latest Dior nail varnishes I bought. We were just about to go to Lower Saxony on Friday when the Alsterhaus Dior counter called, announcing that they had received new nail polishes. Didn’t took long for me to get there … and have an ice cream later. :mrgreen:

Dior says Opening Night is a “blueberry blue”, which is basically right, but it also tends to be more a dark indigo shade, probably with a hint of purple (just a tiny bit). It also contains the subtle Dior shimmer, but otherwise has a crème finish.

opening night994_zpsr80igx7o

Shown below is two coats.

opening night994 1_zpsqbmn2u4b

opening night994 2_zpst5dgaubd

opening night994 3_zpstv8gixlg

Indirect sunlight.

opening night994 4_zps8m8boi90

Photo taken inside. Opening Night is for sure one of the darkest Dior nail vanishes of my collection. Pretty shade and neither blue not purple.

opening night994 5_zpsedvxzwfr


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