[Dior] Jamaican Pepper (Poivre de Jamaique) (752)

More from Dior. Jamaican Pepper is a perfect summer red, it’s a slightly jelly-ish cherry red containing silver and magenta microglitter.


As you might imagine, I was keeping this in my stash for quite a while – waiting for the perfect moment to wear Jamaican Pepper. This came with the heatwave, and the colour turned out to be one of my favourite reds for hot summer days (and nights 🙂 ). Two coats shown below.

jamaicanpepper752  2_zpsl3woywrs

jamaicanpepper752  3_zpstcns2h0g

jamaicanpepper752  4_zpsteainwpr

jamaicanpepper752 1_zpsbawpc2bj

Close-up view.

jamaicanpepper752 m_zpsnheifhd6
It’s wonderful spending most of the summer at my mother’s house (although she is in the nursing home but everything is so close by in this small town). Love the strolls with my daughter; the river Weser is nearby and they have lemon & basil ice cream in the city centre. 😎


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