[Chanel] Eméraude (536)

Eméraude. This emerald green with a noticeable shimmer lives up to its name. Always happy to present greens.


Application was two coats (although Eméraude would have needed only one, really good formula, dries quickly too).

emeraude536  2_zpsjgqiemeo

emeraude536  3_zpsj0eztwmn

emeraude536  4_zpswcj5rhus

emeraude536 1_zpscwgqyt5n

Close-up photo.

emeraude536 m_zpsvyboz4pi

The wheather was splendid today! We are still in Lover Saxony at my mother’s place and thus seized the oppotunity to walk into town (distances are very short here). It’s such a beautiful place, so close to nature.


River Weser.


Nienburg is popular for its asparagus, so they dedicated it a bronze fountain called “Spargelbrunnen”.


Today’s must-have, ice cream.



4 thoughts on “[Chanel] Eméraude (536)

  1. I love green nail polishes and emerald is one of my favourite shade! Emeraude it’s quite dark, it’s rich but I link it to autumn… 😦 By the way, it’s still a great peice!
    I’ve got a question: but… on these Chanel nail polishes where is the name and number?


    • The bottles have been redesigned and you can find name and number on the back now – in smaller print. I had to get used to this but think it’s OK now and in the end, it’s still Chanel, haha. 😉

      You should try Eméraude, it really sparkles in direct sunlight. I guess it will indeed look great regardless of the season.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It really sparkles that much? Then it would be great!!! The re-labelling wasn’t that traumatic at the end heheh 🙂 What a great note! xoxo and thank youuuuu I love your “nail polish” directory!


        • Thank you Valens! 🙂 I am always happy about your feedback.
          Eméraude is not that sparkling but reveals its full beauty in direct sunlight. We had a few hot and sunny days, finally. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

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