[Dior] Polka Dots Confettis 002 (432, 652)

Dior’s nail colours for summer come in pairs and with a dotting tool to create a polka dot nail design. Confettis consist of shade nos. 432 (apricot) and 652 (coral).

confettis002 652 432_zpsierpwglv

Although I’m quite a failure when it comes to nail art, I was eager to give the polka dots a try. I did galaxy nails two years ago, so I already had worked with a dotting tool … but my dots got bigger and bigger, the more I tried to do them accurately in order to achieve a nice circle (painting with my left hand, the dots looked more like flowers, totally out of shape)! Finally the dotting tool rolled over the drops of nail varnish I had deposited on a sheet of paper (to take up with the tool). :mrgreen: In general (or just regarding myself), make sure to take your time, and renew the drops so that they won’t dry or become gooey. Enough said, here is my result.

confettis002 1_zpscgvotmy6

confettis002 2_zpseay5ynmi>

confettis002 3_zpspnn1dpyi

confettis002 4_zpswoefagtw

After application my mood changed quickly from “I will never do this again and wear those pretty colours separately, as regular nail varnish” to “I’ll certainly give the other two sets a try, this was actually quite some fun”. 😉


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