[Dior] Bouquet (457)

Bouquet, pink with peach and coral undertones.


Two coats shown below.

bouquet457 1_zpsjlzn57js

bouquet457 2_zpsa6z2rdfb

bouquet457 3_zpsz18ohbam

bouquet457 4_zps00nxaucw

bouquet457 5_zpsxfyhouhm

When I was at Alsterhaus today, actually to shop for more reformulated Chanel nail varnishes, the Dior manager came up to me (they are next to the Chanel counter now, I guess for the time being) and surprised me with the Milky Dots collection for summer – so today was a real nail polish shopping day. 😉 Thus I will have lots of new colours to present but Fantasy Filmfest Nights are my plans for the weekend (with a concert in between) with a bit of a busy schedule during the week, so it might take a while. (Nevertheless, I still have prepared posts to show.)


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