[Chanel] Vert Sacrilège (68)

Yesterday’s pick was Vert Sacrilège, metallic green and slightly iridescent. I’m really enjoying these warmer days, especially when at my mother’s place, so yesterday I planted a red currant bush (somehow Vert Sacrilège made the ideal gardening nail colour :mrgreen: ). Moreover, Fantasy Filmfest Nights are less than a week away and I am so looking forward to this short but impressive movie nights. Flat rate ticket, for sure. 😉

vert sacrilege_zps0uplblgl

Three thin coats applied.

vertsacrilege68 1_zpskqdn8gvj

vertsacrilege68 2_zpsxjjqejg0

vertsacrilege68 3_zpspgnmcrmt

vertsacrilege68 4_zpsyhl37jvb

vertsacrilege68 5_zpsyvqiqjqt

Close-up picture.

vertsacrilege68 m_zpsiselvl2d


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Vert Sacrilège (68)

    • You are right Valens, “military” it is … never thought of this connection. And actually, I prefer Black Pearl when it comes to these darker greens. 😉

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