[Dior] Ultradior (765)

My pick for Easter Sunday: Ultradior. I didn’t expect it to be that sheer (yet pretty). The colour is coral red with a slight and very subtle sparkle (as characteristic for most Dior nail varnishes, even if they are crèmes).


As mentioned above, Ultradior is really transparent. With the first coat, I felt reminded of a tinted transparent top coat. It looked watery on the nail, copying the finish of its matching lip gloss, but not bad at all. If you like this stained look, Ultradior will be fine for you. To achieve a more opaque look, I used three coats – still with a visible nail line.

ultradior765 1_zpsuskn8urc

ultradior765 2_zpshm5xdz8r

Indirect light.

ultradior765 3_zpsa11w17xx

ultradior765 4_zpsgxhixwsd

Here’s the bottle again. We got this beautiful Easter arrangement from our neighbours, i.e. the neighbours opposite my mother’s place. The little package on the right contained toffees. 🙂



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