[Chanel] Bikini Rose (125)

For the past three days, I had Bikini Rose on my nails. I like those neutrals from time to time, imagining they make my nails look fresh and glowing, somehow. 😉 Bikini Rose has a rosy base that is packed with suble pink shimmer.

bikini rose_zps4u5hmtfi

Bikini Rose is a bit sheer, so three thin coats applied. Because of my skin tone, it doesn’t look too pale on me and I really liked it. The pink shimmer is amazing.

bikini rose125 1_zpssejyqbwl

bikini rose125 2_zps11aeimxb

Alternate light.

bikini rose125 3_zpsmailyrh9

bikini rose125 4_zpsxzlkrrqf

Close-up photo (but I was unable to capture the shimmer).

bikini rose125 m_zpsr6dijvzf


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