[Chanel] Intensité Rose (17)

Waiting for the newly formulated Chanel nail varnishes, I am wearing a really vintage colour, Intensité Rose. I don’t have any idea how old this one actually is but it is a beautiful and densely pigmented pink with a visible hint of berry.

intensite rose 17_zpsmctdvutk

Two coats applied.

intensite rose17 1_zpsyxsogr1o

intensite rose17 2_zpsbsikqkdf

intensite rose17 3_zpsdvntfmd9

intensite rose17 4_zps4xoqjwtl


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Intensité Rose (17)

  1. This color looks like the color nail polish worn on the TV show Mad Men, set in the 1960’s. (Netflix binge…)
    Could it be from the 60’s?
    As always, love your sharing of vintage varnishes.
    X and an O


  2. Thank you Judi. It might be around my age but would surely look nice on the Mad Men ladies. Love their style, it comes close to how my mother loved to dress. 🙂


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