[Chanel] Sunrise Trip (683)

Looks really dark in the bottle, doesn’t it? I am happy to present Sunrise Trip, which is a dark purple jelly (Chanel calls it “Nail Gloss”).

sunrise trip683_zpsbuufcwih

On the nails, Sunrise Trip looks much lighter and, in addition, very bright. This is two coats. At first, I was unsure what to think about the nail gloss thing, whether application will be patchy, but it isn’t, application was surprisingly smooth.

sunrise trip683 1_zpst9nfsfjd

sunrise trip683 2_zpsklzlg73n

sunrise trip683 3_zps6v3cauxk

sunrise trip683 4_zps5qsbgxo8

sunrise trip683 5_zpsjmbtzlac

Indirect light (making Sunrise Trip appear darker).

sunrise trip683 6_zpsekiqrrlo

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