[Chanel] Beige Félin (50)

Again a vintage Chanel: Beige Félin. This is a nude beige containing a subtle shimmer.

beige felin50_zpsj1ulvmjw

Application was three thin coats. I realised that Beige Félin looks a bit yellow-ish with my skintone … although overall it’s a pretty neutral shade.

beige felin50 1_zpso3hthzke

beige felin50 2_zpsn5rzcdge

beige felin50 3_zpsj5akg49a

beige felin50 4_zpsyllfyele

beige felin50 5_zpss4vdsqq9

I tried to do a close-up but this doesn’t really give you an idea of the shimmer I guess; although it’s in fact this hidden typical Chanel shimmer that is more visible in the bottle.

beige felin50 m_zpsuqznbvfk


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