[Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend] Грёза (Greza)

I kind of fell for Anna Gorelova nail varnishes. Greza (although I understand a fair bit of Russian I don’t have an appropriate keyboard) is a thermo effect polish that shifts from pink (warm) to purple (cold, with a hint of indigo, I guess). In addition, it contains silver microglitter. Overall, this is quite extraordinary. Moreover, the bottle comes with a nail polish ring, which I forgot to put on …


Shown below is two coats. I did not use top coat, as you might notice, this dries satin-y (and rather quickly). Here is the pink version.




Since I was suffering from a heavy cold when taking the photos, I did not feel like going outside to see the colour changing, thus I rummaged through the freezer – ending up with this pack of brussels sprouts. :mrgreen: They did a good job!





Here is a close-up view.

greza m_zpsfksrxh4d

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