[Dior] Gris-Or (227)

(Comments are manually approved at present but this is only temporarily. I have not become paranoid over night, just a precaution maybe. Don’t take it personally. I was kind of at variance with a long-term reader and sort of acquaintance, a matter I dedicated more attention than it deserved. So that’s why.)

This is Gris-Or, really pretty – gold and grey with hints of pink and lilac. Moreover, it’s iridescent with a shimmer finish.


Two coats shown below and this really put me in the mood for Christmas. I am not a huge fan of golden-based shades but thanks to the visible proportion of grey, and pink flashing through depending on the lighting, I liked Gris-Or on my nails.

gris-or227 1_zpsiwaovzb0

gris-or227 2_zpsuytrkzuk

gris-or227 3_zps7r1f9ud3

gris-or227 4_zpsnhyibjlt

gris-or227 5_zpsfx2mzfbx

Close-up view.

gris-or227 m1_zpsgynrwnez


3 thoughts on “[Dior] Gris-Or (227)

    • Thank you Judi. You should definitely try Chanel Troublante and Rose Fusion. They are both beyond gorgeous! It is so nice hearing from you and I hope you are doing fine.
      Everything’s fine here; there was a reader finally getting on my nerves with leaving nonsense comments and, despite announcing otherwise, still checking my updates, so I excluded her.
      Take care!
      Your friend


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