[Dior] Secret (454)

Still waiting for Chanel’s autumn collection to arrive, Dior surprised me with their nail varnishes for Holiday (and I’m not even in the mood for Christmas yet!), at least regarding three of the actual five polishes. At Alsterhaus they said that the signature shades, State of Gold and Gris-or are due to arrive until … tomorrow. Let’s see. So far, I have tried deep-red Mystère and pink Secret, which is shown below. It actually contains a hint of salmon and looks lighter in the bottle than on the nails (same with Mystère).


Two coats applied. I admit that I’m not that much into these kind of shades. They really do not go well with my skin tone. Since it was quite chilly and cloudy outside, photos were taken inside.

secret454 1 2_zpsuqsbh8yz

secret454 1 3_zpscdetjzqd

secret454 1 4_zpstwsyfpra

secret454 1 5_zpsqnd50q5m

secret454 1 6_zpscdemh0fs

secret454 1_zpsfye1wb2j


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