Reloaded: Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Hello there! I’ve been a bit lazy or whatever (film festival addict …), but received a call from Dior today, stating that part of the Holiday collection has already arrived at their Alsterhaus counter. So I’ve just applied the dark red Mystère and might take photos tomorrow. Gosh, this is another stunning vampy red in the tradition of Rouge Noir; I’ll have to check it out at daylight.

For the time being – last week I gave Every Month is Oktoberfest another try and am happy to present a recent set of photos, taken by daylight this time. Enjoy!

every month is octoberfest1a_zpsns0loo3d

every month is octoberfest2a_zpseqsygega

every month is octoberfest3a_zpsftsgief3

every month is octoberfest4a_zpsapqcyqud

every month is octoberfest5a_zpsjx8xx6mx

every month is octoberfest6a_zpsc1cgup0n

Close-up view (again :mrgreen: ).

every month is octoberfest m1_zpsp4acvl58


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