[Yves Saint Laurent] Corail Colisée (4)

There aren’t too many photos left in my drafts (which I’m happy about, so I’ll probably swatch some older Chanel or Dior varnishes, would be fun); I had applied Corail Colisée sometime durng summer. It’s a bright coral red.

corail colisee 4_zpsd6psa8od

Shown below is two coats.

corail colisee4 1_zpsxxq7c7xm

corail4 2_zpszcwqxcgj

corail4 3_zpsipw1dzu0

corail4 4_zpse4ut6cvq

corail4 5_zpsvlyl6zjm


One thought on “[Yves Saint Laurent] Corail Colisée (4)

  1. This Coral is so intese, it looks extremely orangy on my screen 😀
    Bright and warm, perfect for last “summery” days (it’s officially autumn but..) 😀
    xoxo and thanks for the sunshine!


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