[Chanel] Vibrato (665)

Vibrato is a bright blue shade, really vibrant and similar to Dior Sailor (but no exact dupe).

vibrato 665_zpsprnj1bal

Pigmentation is brilliant! One coat, and it is quite opaque. With two coats, as shown below, it’s perfect. I also liked how smoothly Vibrato applied, as well as its drying time. Capturing its brightness in photos, however, is tricky – same as with Sailor. I tried hard and ended up with my mobile (actually, Vibrato is still a tad darker than shown in the pictures).

vibrato665 1_zpsxcbdbvow

vibrato665 2_zps0jg562qe

vibrato665 3_zpsyupfdk8e

vibrato665 4_zps8z3ctvtz

vibrato665 5_zpsnehsg76x
With Nathaniel, instead of a macro shot or so … 🐻

vibrato665 6_zpsl3sgogv8


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