[A England] Incense Burner

Incense Burner. I had wanted to try this for a long time, but brown and bronze shades are not really my favourites. In addition, Incense Burner has a holographic shimmer with hints of green, olive and plum.

incense burner_zpss3uuimyr

On my nails, this turned out to be an eggplant colour – still with a proportion of bronze. I was really suprised.

incense burner1_zpsqknpiw6v

incense burner2_zpsqesat90i

incense burner3_zpszvfxid83

incense burner4_zpsxvh64bcz

Moreover, depending from how it is exposed to light, Incense Burner can have a stronger olive shimmer. Nevertheless, I am still not into bronze-brownish colours. But I liked the effect of this. 🙂

incense burner5_zpso1aqvsyl

incense burner6_zps3ozz2d5g

incense burner7_zpsjzk9yqpw

Close-up view.

incense burner m1_zps5s3podvu incense burner m2_zpswve8wbmd

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