[Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend] Golubka

Still enjoying the summer and spending much time outside (or with necessary stuff that has to be done, doing my nails not included), I have not posted so much. But here is a stunner, a really great thermo effect polish, Golubka – diminutive of the Russian word for dove – by Anna Gorelova (available at Dance Legend). It contains golden microglitter, shifts from white (when warm) to pink (cold state, as seen below) and has a matte, slightly gritty finish. Thus, it’s really special.


The thermo effect is amazing! I like thermo nail varnishes with contrasting colours because it’s pure fun to watch. 😉 This is how Golubka looks in its cooler state. I applied two coats and top coat, that’s why it looks so shiny … It was a bit chilly outside, and my hands are usually rather cold, unfortunately!





Ethan likes it too. 🐻


Here is the white version; you may notice that these photos were taken inside. The golden glitter is always there.



Close-up pictures.

Golubka Golubka


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