[Chanel] Precious Beige (661)

Precious Beige is a nude beige with a shimmer. Coincidentically, I own two bottles of it – the one on the right I bought at Alsterhaus, Hamburg’s luxury department store, and the left one from the US that was given to me as a present.


There’s not much difference; the US nail polish seems to be a bit darker, and they have different numbers at the bottom. But on the nail, they might look the same.


I applied the US Precious Beige and used three coats to achieve opaqueness. However, if you like the more natural, sheerer look, two coats will do. Regarding my skin tone, Precious Beige seemed a bit too light and wasn’t really visible at first sight, despite the shimmer. But nonetheless, it’s a pretty shade.

precious beige661 1_zpshhsa0i8j

precious beige661 2_zpsr3jnhsdm

precious beige661 3_zpspgadts4t

precious beige661 4_zpshsrdtwxs

precious beige661 5_zpsvvsxb3h6

precious beige661 6_zps6folbomp

Close-up view.

precious beige661 m1_zpsp5jaamb6


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