[Chanel] Fraîcheur (767)

I was sure that Fraîcheur would become a definite favourite of mine before I could get my hands on it. Greens are one of my favourite colours to wear – this one is a lighter, bright green containing a shimmer (unfortunately not really visible in the picture). Fraîcheur is a bit greener than Jade; as for myself, they are indeed different, and I couldn’t say which one I’d prefer, since both are stunning.

fraicheur 767_zpsahakbhoo

Application was three thin coats. The shimmer will be visible under direct sunlight … which we did not have yesterday, unfortunately. The first two pictures were taken inside.

fraicheur767 1_zpsmkc8nmqs

fraicheur767 2_zpsua3o7ely

Outside pics, cloudy day. 😦

fraicheur767 3_zpslfifhtob

fraicheur767 4_zpsw8d5rbec

fraicheur767 5_zpsfymzkuvr

fraicheur767 6_zpsq5eh2fft


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