[Yves Saint Laurent] Fuchsia Cubiste (8)

A favourite. Fuchsia Cubiste is more a bright, darker berry than an actual fuchsia shade, looking really gorgeous when applied.

fuchsia cubiste 8_zpsjwyhkgnl

This is two coats. I tried to capture the roses in my mother’s garden, since their colour is almost the same as of the nail varnish. You’ll notice them in the background, although in general, Fuchsia Cubiste was a bit hard to photograph during a rather chilly and rainy day. I tried my best!

fuchsia cubiste8 1_zpsh1apzkeq

fuchsia cubiste8 2_zpscsr5jmm1

fuchsia cubiste8 3_zpshz9tcac1>

fuchsia cubiste8 4_zpsvdubrq11

fuchsia cubiste8 5_zpskxumi9km

fuchsia cubiste8 6_zpsj62or3zo

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