[Yves Saint Laurent] Parme Graffiti (13)

Parme Graffiti is a lilac shade (not really pastel).

parme graffiti13_zps64bzadp5

Two coats applied. I don’t really know what to say more, except for the usual thing – the formula of YSL polishes being great, and the flat and broader brush makes them easy to apply. 🙂 I liked Parme Graffiti but I am not wearing lilacs too often.

parme graffiti13 1_zpsmwfuivef

parme graffiti13 2_zps2hqhxd1a

parme13 3_zpscis1ryjh

parme13 4_zpsr8keaa3w


2 thoughts on “[Yves Saint Laurent] Parme Graffiti (13)

  1. I am wearing YSL Bleu Celadon right now and its formula is the best I have ever had for a pastel blue. Definitely have to stock up on this stuff. Initially I didn’t want to spend that much money for a Loreal polish, but formularwise… Dream!

    Thank you Carla, love your blog!


    • Thank you Sarah for your lovely comment! And I’m glad to hear that you like Bleu Celadon; it is indeed a beautiful colour and, yes, the formula is great.

      Again, many thanks!


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