[China Glaze] I Brake for Colour

Well, tonight is the first day of Japan Filmfest Hamburg, and I am looking forward to watching my first film tomorrow, “Shield of Straw” by my favourite director Takashi Miike. This year, it was really hard getting my tickets; I usually seize the opportunity of the pre-sale, but unfortunately, the booking system seemed to be a bit troublesome. In the end, it took me four attempts – turning up at the movie theatre – until it worked out.

As for I Brake for Colour, I was not too sure about it when I saw it in the bottle. Although I like coral reds (and this also contains a hint of pink), this one did not seem too special to me, although pretty nonetheless.

i brake for colour_zpsib7mdnuv

And upon application, it was the more beautiful. 🙂

i brake for colour1_zpsrfrojngc

i brake for colour2_zpsconvj8rg

i brake for colour3_zpspmhu0zli

i brake for colour4_zpsr7dvsokn


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